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Safety ranks top priority as one of ACM's core values.

We work to ensure safety for all team members on our jobsites, from project owners and stakeholders to our in-house labor force.


Safety measures and practices are required, including:

  • using barriers, signage, wayfinding and fencing to isolate and delineate our construction sites.

  • enforcing the use of PPE.

  • enforcing the use of safe practices.

  • anticipating dangerous situations and tasks.

  • ...more activities based on each unique project.

Safety Wear
Meeting at construction site


ACM is committed to completing the highest-quality projects.

Some of our quality control efforts include:

  • interpreting and reviewing drawings and plans for in-depth understanding of project.

  • regularly inspecting and monitoring project sites to ensure work meets specifications and requirements.

  • soliciting feedback from project owners to verify requirements and expectations.

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