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ACM SCHEDULING SPOTLIGHT Boise Airport TSA Lane Expansion Project: Commercial Construction Phasing

Slip Stream art installation
BOI Passenger Exit

If you have ever visited the Boise Airport, you know that the City of Boise is continually working to improve access to the airport. We were excited to be part of this improvement by undertaking the TSA Lane Expansion.


The Boise Airport required a passenger screening lane expansion. To make this happen:

  • the vacated gift and news shops needed to be remodeled to allow for increased queuing capacity.

  • the meet and greet waiting area needed to be remodeled to allow for an new exit and better space for TSA and Airport Operations.

  • the TSA and Law Enforceme nt Offices needed to be remodeled.


Phase 1: Exiting Lane

Phase 2: Additional Offices

Phase 3: TSA Offices & Boise Police Officer Offices

The above original construction phasing schedule specified that we had to get the first phase done before we could work on Phase 2 and then go to Phase 3. Unfortunately, the doors were long-lead items and took months to arrive because they are specialized units. As a result, we couldn’t move past Phase 1 to get the others completed as scheduled. Click here to watch.

Construction signage at the BOI.
ACM project signage.


Collaborating with City of Boise Airport Project Manager, Jill Singer, we relocated the police officers and moved them downstairs, fairly close to the exiting lanes. At the same time, TSA officers were able to move over into the Phase 2 area and out of the Phase 3 area, allowing us to remodel Phase 3 ahead of time.


Switching the phases around was like manipulating a Rubik’s cube in the middle of a busy airport; this provided us the opportunity to move the project along and think outside the box. Once the doors arrived and the phases were complete, we finished the project three months ahead of schedule and stayed under budget.

We love working with Boise Airport finding ingenious ways to make things work. I hope you get the opportunity to come through Boise Airport and see our fair city and our great project.


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