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ACM SCHEDULING SPOTLIGHT BSU Classroom Improvement Project: Commercial Construction Phasing

Updated: Apr 26

Boise State University required three classrooms to be remodeled for modernization and to include ADA-accessibility features. (Click here to watch.)

The classrooms were built in the lecture-hall style, with the floor angled higher in the back and lower in the front to allow for tiered seating.

The ceiling, too, was angled to accommodate the room format. As part of the project, BSU specified that the flooring and ceilings both be leveled out.

BSU Classroom

Although the schedule originally called for the demolition of the entire room to happen at once, the ACM Project Manager determined that phasing the demo work in phases would best serve the project and the team members.

Rather than demoing the ceiling along with the floor, we determined that it was much safer and more efficient to have a level surface to set up our ladders for the ceiling work.

As a result, we scheduled to:

  1. demo the floors

  2. level the floors out with concrete

  3. work from that new concrete and to remove the rest of the ceiling.

It was much safer for our guys working and it was more efficient: without the risk of falls and the instability that comes with working from uneven surfaces, our crew was able to work faster to move the project along.

Although this change set that portion of the demo further down the original schedule, it is always much better to work from a level surface than it is to work from the angled surface that was here before.

When considering your commercial construction phasing schedule, think about your project and ask yourself:

  • What is the safest option?

  • What is the most efficient option?

Often the best schedule changes will jump out at you.

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